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Melanin Money: How a Side Gig T-Shirt Brand Evolved into a 7-Figure Movement

Episode Summary

Don't think you can create a 7-figure ecommerce store? Neither did George when he started selling shirts on Shopify. Now, he's creating awareness around wealth disparities among people of color.

Episode Notes

George Acheampong is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Investor. Finance and Business thought leader.  Fitness enthusiast and husband. He also recently become a 7-figure ecommerce store owner. On accident when he turned Melanin Money. A hobby store on Shopify where he sold t-shirts into a lifestyle brand geared toward creating awareness around wealth disparities among people of color.

Key Takeaways
What inspired me about talking with George in this episode was his authentic care & love for his audience. He started this brand as a cause and over time it evolved into an ecommerce brand. Most ecommerce brands do it the other way around.

What I learned talking with George was the importance of ecommerce brands going narrow with their customer base in the beginning to gain the traction needed to expand to larger markets.

This episode is for anyone who has ever wanted to start a cause based ecommerce brand, but allowed their lack of experience keep them from taking action. George shared in this episode that he had never "done ecommerce before" yet he took action and was able to build Melanin Money to a 7 figure (in top line revenue) brand in his first year.

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